Thursday, August 25, 2016

Summer Contest 2016

It's my favorite time again!  Time for the summer contest!!

This year, there are two contests:

1.  The first contest is to accompany yourself in some way.  You may play something for me using the piano AND another instrument.  You may use technology to perform a duet with yourself!  Use your imagination!  This may be repertoire we have already been working on ornamented with the sounds from another instrument or it may be something I've never heard you play before!

2.  The second contest is to listen to the following song, "Saturday Sun" by Nick Drake, and put together a performance of it to your playing level.  This may be a part of the song, the whole thing, the melody, or the piano part.  


Entries must be received by midnight on September 2nd (via youtube, vimeo or mp4) and winners will be announced via blog/twitter/facebook during the first week of classes.  There will be one winner for each category and the winners will be awarded fun sheet music to work on in lessons as well as the privilege of having their performance shared and admired. 

Now, head on over to the piano, warm up with your performance pieces, and see what you can do!  I look forward to watching all the entries!