Friday, April 8, 2016

Getting Ready for a Performance

Suzuki Book Graduation Recital, Anyone?  As there are several of my students coming up on this momentous event, I thought I'd share with you the performance descriptors as set up by the Suzuki Association of the Americas so you know exactly what it is that I am looking for in a graduation performance:

SAA Performance Descriptors
For use in Evaluation of Teacher and Student Performances

  1. Repertoire
    • Technical and interpretive demands of the selection(s) are commensurate with performer’s technical and musical abilities.

2.   Physical aspects:
*    Demonstrates balanced, erect posture.
*    Demonstrates ease of movement, efficient motion (e.g., no unnecessary tension evident).
*    Appears physically comfortable.

3.  Tone production
*    Tone is pleasing, resonant and full.
*    Tone varies when appropriate.
*    Volume is even but varies when appropriate.

4.  Technical accuracy
*    Plays correct notes.
*    Intonation is accurate.
*    Tempo is appropriate.
*    Musical pulse is steady, yet varies when appropriate (e.g., rubato, ritard).
*    Rhythm is accurate and precise.

5.  Musicianship
*    Dynamics are varied to create expressive effect.
*    Notes are articulated appropriately and consistently.
*    Creates motion in melodic line (phrase shape, rise and fall).
*    Phrases end gracefully (e.g., tapered dynamics, ending notes sustained).
*    Performance is consistent with (within the bounds of) stylistic convention.
*    Interpretive choices are consistent.
*    Performance conveys the character of the piece (e.g., march is march-like).
*    Performance demonstrates voicing of melodic lines and accompaniment.

6.  Stage presence
*    Demonstrates appropriate poise and bearing.
*    Acknowledges fellow performers (if applicable).
*    In the event of error, continues without pause.
*    Bows when appropriate.

7.  Focus of attention
*    Performance conveys sense of concentration.

*    Performance conveys sense of confidence (little hesitation or timidity evident).