Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Achievement Program

Well, the scores are in, and anyone who participated in the Achievement Program assessment on December 2nd can be very proud of themselves.  Not only did everyone pass, but everyone passed with quite high marks!  I couldn't be more pleased!

Congratulations go out to:

Mary, Eddie, Natalie, Declan F., Diego, Declan H., Fiona, Ioannis, Pauline, Jerecho and Katie.

A little bit about the program that these brave and talented kids participated in for those of you who are interested:

The Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory Achievement Program is a developing national standard of music assessment much like the Canadian and European programs.

For students who are dedicated to advancement and are motivated through the idea of leveling up, I think this is a very good motivational tool. It works a bit like PianoFest, however, the grading procedures have a lot more meaning. The piano repertoire has been organized by level and at each level, there is an assessment that a child goes through with one judge - playing repertoire, scales, sight-reading etcetera.

I think it is a very well-put-together compete program that assures everyone that your child is getting a solid musical education held to a national standard and I'm looking forward to working with my students in this program.

There are three possible assessments per year, and children sign up whenever they're ready for one. Some of your children may already be playing the pieces that they would use in the assessment! If you are interested, please talk to me at the beginning of your child's lesson.

Here is a link to an overview of the program:

Declan is moving on up!

Congratulations to Declan, who has been working diligently at the piano in 2012 and is now a Book 2 kid!  Keep your eyes posted for an announcement of a recital to be given by him and his sister highlighting some of their favorite pieces from the last year or so.

Good job, Declan!