Monday, March 23, 2009

Suzuki Summer Institute

One of the best educational tools the Suzuki community provides is the summer institute. This is an opportunity for your child to have fun in a musical environment that celebrates family, shared learning and music!

I love it when my students attend institutes because the circumstances provide an environment where much can be gotten out of the student to advance his musical education, commitment and enjoyment.

I have always gone to the Chicago Suzuki Institute in Deerfield, but there are several others around the country. Many families choose to make the week into a vacation to explore a new area. The institutes all provide housing, food and activities.

For a list of all institutes, click here. So far this year, I have students attending the Blue Lake Institute, the Chicago Institute, the Stevens Point Institute and the Colorado Institute.

If you wish to talk to other parents who have participated in an institute, let me know! I strongly encourage it this summer!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sherwood Recital, November 2008

In case any of you were waiting, here are links to the recital in November.

For Sophia, Michael, Anna, Natalie, Whitney, Diego, Gabriella, Erica, and Max, click here.

For Declan, Jimena, Hong, Will, Fiona, Jeremy, and Olivia, click here.

For Sylvia, Mason, Fiamma, and Mary, click here.

For Elliot and Ms. Aubrey, click here.

Enjoy! I’m sorry it took so long! Enjoy! If you would like, I can e-mail your child’s performance to you as well. Let me know!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Parent Lesson Week!

Parents! Now is your time to shine! Or at least to get a good handle on what your child is learning. The week of March 23rd is going to be Parent Lesson Week. I will be working with YOU on helping your child practice at home, music reading, and proper technique. If there is something else that you wish to work on or a piece you would like to prepare for me, let me know!

I look forward to hearing everyone play!