Monday, September 9, 2013

Listening to the CD - A Reminder for Suzuki Students as to WHY

By hearing a recording before learning a piece, students internalize an overall concept of the music.  They do not have to be able to play it to get an idea of what it sounds like.  This process of absorbing the entire piece through the ears supports what educators call "whole to part" learning.  When the target is established first, it is far easier for students to know where the steps of the learning process are taking them.  Knowing what the end result will sound like is not only motivating, it also sets up a category in the brain into which all of the random bits of learning can be readily organized.  Learning is then more efficient and effortless.  This mental soundtrack also makes memorizing and performing easier and more secure.

Excerpt from Studying Suzuki Piano:  More than Music by Carole L. Bigler and Valery Lloyd-Watts, 1979.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer Contest Results - 2013

Congratulations this summer to Katie, the winner of this year's performance contest!  She demonstrated that she has the skills, the patience, and the mental discipline to learn a new piece entirely on her own and get it to be performance-quality!

The piece is called Serenade, by August Muller - A German-born Classical Era composer.  Notice the careful articulation and repetitive Classical-era nature of the piece.

Katie's prize will be an exciting collection of new piano music.  If you see Katie in the hallways of Sherwood or at a soiree, please congratulate her on her hard work!  Thank you to everyone who participated this year in the summer contest.  I'm so pleased to see what everyone is able to do on their own.  See you in lessons this week!

(There were no qualified entires for the composition competition this year.)