Thursday, September 23, 2010

Studio Star Scholarship Results

The studio stars of the 2010-2011 school year have been decided and I am proud to announce that Max Bebawy and Declan Flaherty are this year's winners.

Max Bebawy has proven to be a committed piano student by making great strides this past year in terms of technique and maturity and in maintaining that advancement on his own over the summer vacation.  To recognize this achievement, Max is being awarded 5% off of tuition for the rest of the school year as well as the privilege of being able to select his placement in both of this year's student recitals.

Declan Flaherty, this year's second place winner,  has diligently proven himself to be a dedicated and enthusiastic student by making continued progress through the Suzuki repertoire and taking on any challenges given to him.  He also impressively maintained his level of proficiency over the summer months.  To recognize this achievement, Declan is being awarded one free piano lesson in which he can choose anything he wants to learn at the piano.

Congratulations Max and Declan!

All students are eligible for one of these exciting prizes, which are awarded yearly.  If you see one of these students in the hallway or in my studio, congratulate them, because they have done an excellent job!

If the first prize is awarded to a student at Sherwood Community Music School, 5% off of tuition for the year is not in my power to grant, so in lieu of that, one free piano lesson in addition to the privilege of being able to select placement in the student recitals would be awarded.

In the market for a piano?

Those of you who are in the market for a piano might appreciate a look at this piano, which you might have been in the market for if you had lived at the turn of the 19th century, when piano technology was really taking flight. 

There was no standard for pianos at that time and composers, like the rock stars of today, were given pianos by the producers/inventors much like manufacturers do today to get celebrity endorsements.  Some of the details are astounding!  And check out all those pedals!