Friday, November 2, 2012

Learn Music While You Sleep

This sounds like 60's sci-fi science, but an article in this month's Scientific American Mind reports that you can apparently learn music while sleeping!  Thanks to Northwestern University for doing the research and reporting on it!  (for a little more on the research, see here)

In the meanwhile, here are the highlights for those of you that are interested:
  • This must be a piece of music you're already practicing
  • The piece needs to be played over and over again while you sleep
  • Sleeping improves your ability no matter what, but hearing the music while you sleep increases your ability even more!
  • The research was only tested during 90 minute naps - not overnight sleep
So, if you're addicted to multitasking, here is yet another way you can do two things at once!

Or, you could just play the following video and take a nap right now!  I wonder how many people out there have gotten really good at the music that accompanies these types of CDs?