Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Recital Video 2012

Congratulations everyone on a beautiful job the other night!  Below are the performance videos for you to share with your grandparents, friends, parents' friends, dentist, etc!  Enjoy!

If you are Jerecho, Amber, Ioannis, Katie, Chloe, Fiona or Graham, you'll want to see this clip:

If you are Cole, Natalie, Kabir, Whitney, Tiffany, Evan, Declan H., or Mary, you'll want to look at this one:

If you are Adrian, Eddie, Maurice, Erica, Pauline or August, you'll find yourself here:

If you are Declan F., Maeve, Anne Marie, part of the Minuet Extravaganza or Criss, please check this out:

If you enjoyed the duet performed by Graham and Mary or the piece performed by Ms. Aubrey, you can find them here:

(I'm sorry about the lighting on this video!  Next time I'll get it right again!)