Monday, January 23, 2012

Sonata Form

Here is a quick version of the notes from last week's Sonata lecture:

  • Slow and stately, Commanding, Catches your attention
  • Varying lengths
  • Not always present
  • This section introduces the main themes of the piece
  • The first theme is usually grand, and the second contrasting, and usually lyrical
  • The first theme is in the tonic key and the second theme is usually in the dominant
  • The entire exposition is usually repeated
  • One or more of the themes are played around with and changed up
  • The development often ends with something called a retransition - that part that feels quite intense and builds up, usually with new material or transition material to bring us back to the main theme.
  • This is when the two themes from the exposition return in their original form
  • The second theme though is usually in the tonic key
  • Though the piece may end with the recapitulation,  many sonata-allegro form pieces have a coda
  • A "tail" end - with a grander variation on one of the themes, a piece of the development, new material or very grand sounding final material
Suzuki Book 2 and 3 students are challenged to find these parts in their own Sonatinas!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christmas Day Secrets

Anybody looking for a beautiful version of Christmas Day Secrets to aid them in their practice of Suzuki Book 1 should look no further!  Natalie has graciously supplied us with a thoughtful, carefully articulated and beautiful version.  Enjoy!