Monday, October 27, 2014

Studio Star Award Announcement

I hope everyone is having a wonderful October!

This year, the Studio Star award goes to Evan, who has shown a lot of enthusiasm and dedication at the piano.  He is mastering the art of note taking and taking responsibility for his progress.  He has learned how to break things down into small steps and apply that to new challenges.  He has worked hard over the past several months to master new techniques and to get himself ready for his Suzuki Book 2 graduation recital, which should be sometime this spring!

To recognize this achievement, Evan is being awarded 5% off tuition for the remainder of the academic year as well as his choice for where he plays in the order of this year's studio recitals.  Congratulations, Evan!!

All of my students are eligible for this award, which is given out yearly.  Evan takes lessons in my home studio, so if you see him in the hall, be sure to give him a high five!  Everyone can hear him play at the Winter Studio Recital this December.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Autumn Piano Events

Upcoming Events for Pianists
If you’re interested in participating in any of the below-mentioned events, see your teacher right away!


Sonata-Sonatina Festival

Pianists prepare two contrasting movements from a Sonatina or one movement from a Sonata
December 7, 2014 at Sherwood!
Registration due by November 2.  $25 per student
Gold medalist recital Sunday, December 14 at PianoForte Foundation

Music Development Program Winter Assessments

Pianists prepare a selection of repertoire and etudes along with scales and ear training exercises.  Preparation to be closely supervised by student’s teacher.
Assessments occur November 29 - December 11
Registration due by October 14.  It’s coming up soon!


Summer Creativity and Autumn Goals

It is finally October!  Everyone is solidly in the swing of things and it is time to start making some musical goals.  Some ideas:  Suzuki Book Graduations, Music Development Program Assessments, Chicago Festivals (Sonatina Festival perhaps?).  Let's discuss this in lessons!

Here are a couple of videos of creativity in recent lessons:

Katie and Mary, performing one of Bach's Minuet on two ukuleles, August, 2014.

Fish-Eye-Evan, playing a very solid Happy Farmer, August 2014.

Technology allows me to play both parts of a bit of Rachmaninoff for Two Pianos.