Monday, February 27, 2012

Victor Borge - William Tell

If we talked about inverted themes in your lesson this week (ahem - Pauline.....) this video is for you!

(It is also for you if we've discussed fugues or counterpoint (hey Criss.....) or variations (that means you guys - Katie, Mary, Erica, Jimena and Whitney!)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mozart Sonata K.283 for Saturday Group Class

The following is a recording of the first movement of the Sonata K.283 by Mozart which we discussed in class performed by one of my favorite performers of Mozart's music, Mitsuko Uchida:

And for those of you who weren't in class on Saturday and don't have your own copy of the Mozart Sonatas, here is a link to the complete free downloadable score of this sonata:,_K.283/189h_%28Mozart,_Wolfgang_Amadeus%29

Be sure to mark all parts of the movement as we have discussed in class and label what key each portion begins and ends in.  And enjoy!  This is a charming sonata!